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Synectics & University of New Hampshire Center for Business Analytics  

As part of Synectics academic engagement efforts lead by Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Spears, Synectics was selected to participate with the Center for Business Analytics at the University of New Hampshire in its innovative internship program. Interns work as a project team lead by an

We Want You Well!

June is National Employee Wellness Month! To observe, we are sharing with our employees, tips and strategies on improving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing all month long. Here are some practices and programs we recommend taking advantage of this June and as needed.   Take

Overcoming Mental Health Hurdles

Each year millions of Americans face living with a mental illness. Well-being is not a standard-define term, but there is general agreement that at minimum, well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods like contentment and happiness, the absence of negative emotions like depression

5 Big Data Lessons That The COVID Crisis Taught Us

2020 might go down as the worst year ever – it is certainly a contender for that title. Still, with all the sudden disruptions, we were able to quickly reestablish priorities, move, and adapt to a new pace, new tools, and new ways to communicate

Data Visualization: How Synectics made big data more accessible, understandable, and usable.

US Government agencies today are awash in data – structured and unstructured data, clean and not-so-clean data – amassed over the past decade thru surveys and other data-gathering instruments. Despite this abundance of data, there is still a paucity of actionable business intelligence (BI) that

Secure Integration of AWS Glue and Oracle

Team Synectics has been working with a federal customer to build a Cloud framework to support the migration of their Enterprise Data Warehouse to the AWS Cloud environment.  This blog outlines how Synectics has utilized the Synectics Innovation Lab (SiLab) to solve the customers’ AWS

COVID-19 Data Visualization

COVID-19 Data Visualization   With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting people all over the world, it is imperative to use data to help people monitor the spread of the effects of the virus.  Data has the ability to uncover many unknowns while also telling a story.  The Synectics Innovation Lab team

The Synectics Response to the Pandemic – An In-Progress Review

The Beginnings of the Pandemic During a January 2020 Quality Risk Management meeting, Synectics leadership identified a risk to operations based on a report of human-to-human transmission of a novel coronavirus in China that was spreading to other countries in the region. At the time

Happy Mother’s Day!

Now more than ever, juggling work and family can be challenging and exhausting. You work hard, not only at the office- now your living room- but also at home with your children and family. You are being pulled in a million directions, feeling like there’s

COVID19 Threat Mitigation Virtual Table Top: Case Study

A Continuity of Business Operations Tabletop Exercise Case Study with a Customizable Template by Jeff Spears, COO To help other companies design a similar tabletop exercise, we have created this case study with a template as a starting point that can be tailored to the specific business operations

How new features in SAS DI studio help you discover insights, manage data, and make analytics approachable

SAS Data Integration Studio is a visual design tool. It has always been useful for building, implementing, and managing data integration processes, and new features in the SAS® 9.4 TS1M4 release have made it even better. This article will concentrate on the transformations that connect

Leveraging Health Data Usage

Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc. (Synectics) has received a subcontract from Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. (Leidos Biomed) to perform a Landscape Analysis of Privacy Preserving Patient Record Linkage Software under the Cancer MoonshotSM. This effort is administered by the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research,

synectics for management decisions, smdi, synectics

woman owned small business

At Synectics, the difference is clear; it’s why we’ve been in business since 1969. Our growth since then is primarily attributed to one factor—client satisfaction. We are obsessed with collaboration, innovation, and a “no surprises” commitment to our clients. Synectics employees get it. An unyielding devotion to the highest quality services and a passion to make an impact for our clients is in the fabric of our culture.

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