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    Increasingly, federal agencies are turning away from physical data centers and turning toward cloud, web-based, server-less, and “as-a-service” solutions. These technologies are safe, scalable, effective, and affordable, as many products and services are “pay for use” – essentially acting as a utility.  Synectics has walked lockstep with these changes in society. As an AWS Partner and with core competencies in web-based applications, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the SMEs of Synectics can architect customized solutions that satisfy stingy budget officers – and meet mission requirements. We have implemented public, private, and hybrid cloud enclaves for federal agencies, and are fully versed in FedRAMP. We have also been at the helm of major migrations of public health data to the cloud. And our teams of business analysts and data specialists have worked together to create dashboards that monitor activity and report on events. When federal agencies have data that must be preserved – or applications that must function nationally with thousands of users simultaneously – Synectics has solutions.

    Big Data Warehouse

    Transform the performance of your data assets it into reliable, actionable intelligence that can drive mission success

    Cloud Migration

    Move any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility to a cloud-based storage. We partner with AWS to provide excellent migration services

    Assessment and Modernization Strategy

    Analyze the existing portfolio to understand its software health, composition, complexity, and cloud readiness to start segmenting and prioritizing applications for various modernization options.

    Systems Integration

    Make all your sub-systems and components act as a whole and unified system to reduce costs and increase your efficiency.

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    At Synectics, the difference is clear; it’s why we’ve been in business since 1969. Our growth since then is primarily attributed to one factor—client satisfaction. We are obsessed with collaboration, innovation, and a “no surprises” commitment to our clients. Synectics employees get it. An unyielding devotion to the highest quality services and a passion to make an impact for our clients is in the fabric of our culture.

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