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    Synectics understands that Training is integral and imperative to the success of any Analytics initiative. Synectics Data Analytics Training & Development capability will build upon NSF staff capacity through direct use of their own data in order to answer policy questions and develop practical tools. Our understanding of NSF business and data combined with our technical Training & Development expertise makes Synectics uniquely qualified and immediately available to meet NSF’s data and analytics training needs.

    Synectics Value

    • Our team has deep Data Analytics and Data Science expertise in the skills, knowledge, and strategies to develop compelling materials and to train customers. This insight and expertise go into every training program and solution we deliver.
    • We partner and collaborate with Academia and Technology vendors on technology trends and training methods.
    • Our high-energy team of experienced instructional designers and developers, graphic designers, project managers, technology experts, and leaders manage training projects at every stage and ensure delivery of high-quality training solutions that result in high on-the-job performance, actionable insights, and measurable results.
    • Synectics’ extensive experience includes 15+ years in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Intelligent Automation training and development in corporate and government settings.
    • Synectics Innovation Lab (siLab) is part of Synectics’ commitment to innovation and technology and can be used to prototype solutions and set up the training lab thereby bringing cost savings to our customers.
    • Our familiarity of NSF data and data sources is critical in developing realistic and practical customer training exercises that directly relate to tasks users perform.
    • We apply industry standard methods, such as ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation), for training development and delivery, and continual improvement.

    Our Experience

    Synectics has a long history of developing and delivering successful technical and functional training solutions for users of all levels, for various federal agencies including the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the HHS Administration for Children and Families (ACF). We work collaboratively with our customers to understand their systems and processes, end users, unique training needs, and timelines to tailor a training program that provides the most efficient and effective training solution.


    Synectics built the training program from the ground up. We developed and conducted technical and functional trainings for beginner to advanced courses for ACF staff of all levels. In addition, our training team developed training plans, schedules, course materials and collaterals, and post-training feedback surveys. As a result, we consistently received 95+% approval ratings for our training.

    National Science Foundation (NSF)

    For the EDAS project, Synectics provided the support and training needed to make NSF data more accessible to users. Team Synectics collaborated with the LearnNSF team to conduct various classroom and online training sessions from beginner to advanced courses.Training included the development of user guides, job aids for reports and dashboards, and BI training material for beginner and advanced users. To support ongoing learning,Team Synectics conducted Office hours training sessions multiple times a year to provide users one on one guidance on running the reports.

    NSF Surveys

    Our team collaborated with NSF stakeholders to develop the curriculum and content for training videos which provided walkthroughs of the survey process to end users. The videos were posted on the NSF site and available on demand.

    ACF Center of Excellence (COE)/

    Our team developed and conducted formal grant management system training for federal users and grant applicants using a variety of methods including instructor-led, web-based, and video trainings. We currently provide on-demand telephonic end user training for grantees and grantors via our Help Desk team supporting

    Training Approach Core Competencies

    Training Areas

    • Data Engineering | Data Analytics | Data Science /Machine Learning | DevOps/MLOpsTechnical

    Training Development

    • Assess user community, training needs and objectives
    • Formulate and scope research questions and policy projects for use cases and exercises
    • Develop training curriculum with learning outcomes and training materials
    • Facilitate beginner to advanced exercises to enhance the learning
    • Provide real-world quizzes and exercises to reinforce learning
    • Create FAQs, Job aides, knowledge base articles, and Tool Tips
    • Provide access to the Central Training Repository Portal

    Training Sandbox

    • Build Training Sandbox environment
    • Develop Code and Interactive Notebooks using data
    • Validate Data Sources and Connectors
    • Develop scripts and exercises for Data Engineering and Data Science

    Training Delivery

    • Offer classroom training, online, train-the-trainer, and office hours
    • Incorporate Quizzes,Training exercises,Use cases,Prototypes
    • Use Collaborative team exercises
    • Conduct Training assessment and feedback survey

    Post Training

    • Form Learning community to share tips and tricks
    • Conduct Peer-to-Peer teaching for collaborative projects
    • Apply learning
    • Encourage and Moderate collaboration among users
    • Identify Champions
    • Evaluate student feedback and lessons learned to improve future training
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    Through Synectics Data Analytics training, agency staff will learn to use and understand their data, and develop tools and models for improved decision making.

    Our model will also support the development of a “train the trainer” capacity to further extend the training’s impact.

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    At Synectics, the difference is clear; it’s why we’ve been in business since 1969. Our growth since then is primarily attributed to one factor—client satisfaction. We are obsessed with collaboration, innovation, and a “no surprises” commitment to our clients. Synectics employees get it. An unyielding devotion to the highest quality services and a passion to make an impact for our clients is in the fabric of our culture.

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