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Synectics is a technology company that also employs researchers, academics, statisticians, analysts, and technical writers. We know that government numbers sometimes have to be crunched, and that data always has to be accurate. Our graduate-level teams have assisted federal agencies with millions of records, national surveys, and volumes of dense tracts of critical information ranging from health information to grant tracking expenditure. If the task seems daunting, let our “other” solution architects assist your teams with tackling the big data.  We’ll get you swimming in the data lake in no time.

Applied Capabilities | Solutions combined for you

Big Data Warehouse

Transform the performance of your data assets it into reliable, actionable intelligence that can drive mission success

Data Modeling and Visualization

Developing appropriate statistical analyses and presentation methods to support research programs across laboratories and social sciences

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synectics,smdi,synectics capabilities, synectics offerings,statistical,research,data visualization
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Predictive Analytics

Use historical data to predict and better plan for recurring events and enable decision-makers with real insights.

Cloud Computing

Maintaining full capacity to store data via AWS govCloud that is FISMA, NIST, DHS, OMB, and Section 508 compliant.

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