Synectics Innovation Lab (siLab)

    Synectics Innovation Lab (siLab) | Building our business future over innovation

    Synectics is committed to operating on the bleeding-edge of technology, in order to stay lockstep with our clients’ needs. As an outgrowth of that commitment, our top thinkers and technologists have established siLab, our very own innovation lab. It is here that our eclectic experts come to dream, dare, design, test, and tinker. In our own lab, we freely fuse our disciplines and explore the technology of the hour, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and emerging trends in cloud computing and open-source libraries. Our cross-functional teams of subject matter experts – data architects, database administrators, engineers, statisticians, and technologists – push the boundaries of the possible, and bring to life solutions, prototypes, and ConOps for our clients in the federal marketplace.

    Benefits | Takeaways for our customers

    • Rapid prototypes provide empirical proof that our solutions and technical knowledge address the actual data challenges, while using advanced technologies.
    • Expertise in cloud analytics that enables exploit evolving technologies that will enable customer agencies to efficiently scale data storing and processing, while increasing data security and governance, thus lowering the risk of technology deployments.
    • Unlock valuable new insights associated with the analysis, modeling, and visualization of large-scale data sets through our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • Quick wins with minimal up-front investment, Agile analytics delivery provides immediate answers to burning mission questions while iteratively maturing enterprise-wide analytics capabilities within established time and budget limits.
    • Expertise in NoSQL databases that allows customers to visualize the captured data in innovative ways and to explore non-obvious relationships between entities, which is of great value in substance abuse, fraud, cyber, and network analysis.
    • Rapid, useable results from a collaboration environment with customers and business partners working together on ideas, product prototypes, and emerging technologies for solutions development.

    siLab Publications

    Data Nerds Rule 

    Are initials like ETL, AI, and ML second-hand nature to you? When you hear the word “mining” do you admittedly first think of data mining rather than gold, silver, or coal? When friends say you are overly analytical, are you secretly proud? And do you

    Synectics & University of New Hampshire Center for Business Analytics  

    As part of Synectics academic engagement efforts lead by Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Spears, Synectics was selected to participate with the Center for Business Analytics at the University of New Hampshire in its innovative internship program. Interns work as a project team lead by an

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