Synectics COVID-19 Health Engagement Platform

Synectikos™ COVID-19 health engagement platform is an application that supports government and community healthcare providers that need remote access for care management, care coordination, and public health case monitoring. Our secure, cloud-based solution virtually connects actual or suspected COVID-19 patients to health care providers and public health program personnel.

Remote, Multi-Device Patient Monitoring

Synectikos™ functions over the internet via multiple devices and can be configured to collect data and vital signs to assist with treatment plan effectiveness and outcomes-based patient care. We provide a platform for individualized patient monitoring via hosted devices that include software, smart devices, and other required medical devices ordered by the physician for remote patient access to increase patient and provider safety. Patient monitoring data is collected from the medical devices and presented through a virtual dashboard for review by doctors and clinicians treating and reporting on COVID-19 and related chronic conditions.

Our application secures personally identifiable information (PII) at all times and meets the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Once that data is received by a healthcare provider, the design of our solution enables the full use of the data set for patient-centric vital signs analysis and treatment plan decisions.

Enabling Real-Time COVID-19 Decision-Making

This application can be used to enable data analytics, predictive analytics, and visualizations to improve the decision-making process and assist public health officials in their battle against COVID-19 from the immediate emergency through recovery and future preparation phases.


Synectikos™ supports doctors and clinicians with an immediate, multiple morbidity telehealth monitoring platform that is easily configurable with the following unique benefits:

Data Transmission

Transmits data to a platform for individualized patient encounters by monitoring patients who may also have COPD, diabetes, or other conditions that are associated with increased mortality during COVID-19 treatment.

Data Privacy

Meets GDPR standards, which are HIPAA compliant which provide superior protection for patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by providing secure, encrypted transmissions for monitoring through medical device outputs.


Increases patient and provider safety by enabling doctors and clinicians to interact remotely with patients and reducing the risk of infection.

Data Collection

Collects data that can be anonymized and used to predict and inform decision-making and support data visualization.


Integrates easily with commercial-off-the-shelf digital devices providing patient data outputs transmitted through the application and displayed in an easy to manage, customizable dashboard for real-time monitoring with alert capability when vital signs indicate a critical incident.

Data Visualization

Facilitates Clinical and Statistical Research for Surveys and Reporting for surveys and reporting for care management, care coordination, disease management, and future diagnostic models.

Telehealth Monitoring Easily Configured to Screen Individuals for COVID-19

Real-time protocols prioritize questions and vital sign measurements for COVID-19 symptoms. Healthcare professionals can configure the protocol for each patient rapidly and allows one clinician to monitor multiple patients at once.

SynectikosTM Enables Remote Monitoring Across the Full Healthcare System

Using intuitive dashboards, the open-source application provides a powerful display of patient monitoring data for doctors, clinicians, and related projects that span from chronic morbidity conditions to infectious disease incidents including the COVID-19 pandemic.

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